Alternative housing for aging parents

Is it that time?  Is it the time that you have been dreading? Looking for a new home for your aging parent or parents? One of the hardest things to do is convince your parent that they would benefit from leaving the home they have lived in for a good portion of their life, giving up a lot of their personal belongings and moving into a smaller apartment!


I see it every single day…. Sometimes our new resident is on board with the change and ready for the next adventure in their life, sometimes they move in “kicking and screaming”, so to speak…. More often than not they settle in quite nicely and adapt to their new surroundings and enjoy not having to worry about cooking their meals, cleaning their home, doing their laundry. They look forward to the next activity, the next party, the next guest speaker…. and happy hour every day! 

I always encourage our visitors to look at several communities before making a decision. Bring your loved one along for the tour, if possible.  Stay for a meal, engage with the staff, ask questions….. ask a lot of questions…. It is a big move!

If you have been the caregiver for your aging parent while they are at home, once they move in you can begin to transition back to being their daughter. You can visit and not worry about doing their grocery shopping, making sure their house is clean, their laundry washed…. It is a wonderful feeling seeing our families be families, visiting and enjoying meals and activities together!

Marlisa Smith
Best of Both Worlds! I have been a nurse for 20 years…. I have always had a heart for helping people…. I get to help people both in my career and with my “hobby”. I work at Zon Beachside Assisted Luxury Living and Memory Care, I am the Director of Community Relations, training to be the Executive Director. I have been blessed to be a part of Zon for 2 years now…. I am able to help families find a new home for their loved one…. Ours is a community that stands out above the rest, from our extensive restaurant style menu to our technology including passive health monitoring our residents enjoy a state of the art, albeit, laid back, resort style environment. By the way…. Did you hear we are expanding? 31 new resident rooms, a ballroom, a chapel, a theater and much more…….Ground breaking in August! In my “hobby”  I get to teach people about doTerra essential oils…. I share oils with anyone I can that needs help with anything from a cold to diabetes to anxiety and much more. At Zon we have incorporated essential oils in the care of our residents…. We have been using lavender to help our residents relax, decrease anxiousness or anxiety…. We also use a blend we call “liquid sunshine” – wild orange and spearmint, very uplifting! The staff also uses the liquid sunshine when they need a little boost to get through their day!I live in Indialantic with my partner and 2 dogs. I have 2 daughters and 4 grand children.

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