Did you know??  Moisturizing your skin and hydrating your skin are two different things?! Moisturizers are great, especially those with anti-aging ingredients such as Peptides, Resveratrol, and Olive Leaf extract, but they don’t supplement the moisture in your skin.  Their purpose is to “lock in” whatever moisture is already there.  That is why we are told to use body moisturizer as soon as we pat dry after a shower or apply facial moisturizer immediately after cleansing and toning.  

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The benefits of permanent make up are never ending. Your eyebrows, eyeliner and lips are the major features of your face and  each show the aging process eventually. Permanent makeup is a great way to ease the stress that you put on your face by the never ending cycle of application and removal.
Here is some information about 2 different options for an Eyebrow Procedure. Microblade or Powder Brow

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