Moisturizing vs hydrating - Two very different things!

Did you know??  Moisturizing your skin and hydrating your skin are two different things?! Moisturizers are great, especially those with anti-aging ingredients such as Peptides, Resveratrol, and Olive Leaf extract, but they don’t supplement the moisture in your skin.  Their purpose is to “lock in” whatever moisture is already there.  That is why we are told to use body moisturizer as soon as we pat dry after a shower or apply facial moisturizer immediately after cleansing and toning.  

skincare - moisturizing vs hydratingHydrators, however, actually ADD moisture!  Who knew?!  Two of the best hydrating ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, but until recently most facial products only contained 2 to 3% Glycerin (some as much as 10%) because any more than that would cause the product to feel sticky on your skin. 

Thanks to Rodan + Fields innovative skin care, there is a hydrating facial serum with 30% Glycerin.  Yes, THIRTY!  How did they formulate R+F ENHANCEMENTS ACTIVE HYDRATION SERUM without the “icky sticky”?  Our doctors and scientists actually created a new molecule (they’re pretty brilliant like that).  This “3D3P Molecular Matrix” instantly increases skin’s hydration up to 200%, keeping it that way for up to 8 hours and giving your skin the appearance of being plump and glow-y!  Hydrated skin acts younger and is more receptive to products layered over it.  For best results follow R+F AHS immediately with a moisturizer to lock in the dewiness. 

You can learn more about AHS here but don't shop before asking me how to receive 10% off and free shipping, plus an additional special for first time orders!


Kelly White Rowell
An Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields, the #1 selling and fastest growing skin care brand in North America, Kelly Rowell never predicted that she would be in sales – of anything, – but after spending 14 years at a desk job for her church (a job that she enjoyed), she felt the need to get out from being in front of a computer screen all day. At the same time, she had been introduced to R+F skin care and loved the changes she saw in her 50+ skin so much that she took the leap into sharing with others something she believed in. She thrives on the satisfaction of hearing from her customers that they love the changes in their skin (and lashes) too and it doesn’t feel like “sales” at all! 
Married to the love of her life for nearly 28 years, Kelly and her husband Tim, a Brevard County native, are parents to 21-year-old super cool boy/girl twins. The family enjoys 4-wheeling on their north Merritt Island property and boating and knee-boarding in the summer time.

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