Top 10 Stumbling Blocks along the Path to Success in Business.

The path to success is fraught with trials, obstacles, stumbling blocks, and other struggles that will push you off course. It’s not the warm, fuzzy message we so often hear in articles meant to help promote you to the next level, but it is the truth- if you pursue success you will come across obstacles. As they say “forewarned is forearmed” so I hope that this knowledge will give you a competitive edge to be prepared to counter these stumbling blocks and over come each one with victory!


1. Excuses. You may call them “Reasons” but at the end of the day they are excuses. “I’m too tired.” “I don’t know how to do this.” “I have to go do something else over here.” “I don’t have the money.” “My child has a sporting event I have to attend.” And so many more.I know in your mind these are logical, they make sense, and you believe that they are the things standing between you and your success and that they are completely insurmountable. The first thing you have to do is be honest with yourself that you are using time, money, family, work, or whatever as an excuse and allowing it to stand between you and success. You can move and remove the obstacle by learning a new way to think. Instead of not being willing to invest the time into whatever needs done because your child has a sporting event say instead “I will work from the bleachers at this game so that soon, I can be at every single game and practice as the team mom who has all the free time in the world because I put in the time needed to grow my new business.” This is a new way to think and I know you’re sitting there right now saying “Nope, you don’t get it, I cannot do that.” And you’re right. Until you change the way you think you cannot do that, and will not do that. You want success? Start by changing the way you think about your excuses. Turn them all into reasons to work, your “why”, and then get busy working so that you can change your future!  

2. Complaining. The easiest thing to do is to complain, especially when someone else is already complaining, it’s natural instinct to pile on and complain away. It’s also how some of us, women I’m looking at you, start our friendships and relationships- we complain about how bad our shoes hurt our feet and suddenly, our neighbor has the same problem, instant BFF’s! Complaining breeds complaining. There is ALWAYS something to complain about, weather, friends, family, spouse, co-workers, children, you name it. But is your complaining your stumbling block. You are focused on what you have to complain about vs. what you have to be grateful for. It’s easily done, the more we complain the more we have to complain about and all of a sudden all we see are the bad things. You can stop the cycle in the infant stages by simply not complaining.

3. Mindset. Henry Ford said “Whether you believe you can or you cannot, either way you are right.” I did not always understand that, what did it matter what I believed as far as what I could do? That simply didn’t make logical sense to me. A few years and a lot of work later I finally understand it though I cannot always explain it. Mindset matters, your belief system matters, your feelings about what you believe or do not believe matters, and the thoughts you think matter. I would say your mindset is the number one thing that will either promote you to your goals or hold you back. You must begin to understand and then practice a change in mindset and mindfulness else it will become a stumbling block. The fastest way to begin your practice is simply to begin, delve into the realm of the subconscious, into the power of thoughts, meditation, and even, when you’re ready, manifestation. The mind is a powerful tool and when used well will do amazing things for you. When allowed to stay stuck in disbelief it will hold you back and cause you to stumble.

4. Work Ethic. There’s a quote out there “Most people miss opportunity because it comes dressed in work clothes” and it is right. Work ethic matters, and having a poor work ethic can stand in your way to having the success you want. One does not have to work 24 hours a day without rest in order to have success, that is not possible, we must have time for important things like family, friends, and self, but actually doing work during work time is important. I teach others to create a schedule, build in work time, family time, down time, and the like, and write it all on the schedule. When it’s work time go to work focus on accomplishing your tasks so that when it’s time to stop working you can stop with a clear conscious and focus on the next part of your schedule. All too often we are distracted by the myriad of things that require our attention during the day, or worse, the lure of wasting time on social media, and nothing is accomplished. Commit to working, diligently during your work hours and soon success will be yours.

5. Consistency. This follows work ethic for a reason, a lack of consistency in your work will also keep you from success. You have established your work and play schedule, but will you show up every day during work hours and go to work? Even on the days you don’t want to work? Dedication to your work, your dreams, your hopes, and a willingness to work some every day is a requirement to have the success you want. Are you letting procrastination or laziness stand in your way and cause you to stumble? You can easily change that by just showing up every day during your work hours and doing great work!

6. Blaming Owners. Also known as not taking ownership of your own life. If you say things like “Life would be different if I had a better paying job.” or “If I could win the lottery I’d get out of debt.” Or so many more things, then you are blaming others rather than taking ownership that you are the reason you are where you are. It is very common in my field, Network Marketing, that many people blame their teams or downlines for their lack of success, because teams and volume and production are needed to go higher in the company and rather than owning up to the fact that they have work that needs done both personally and professionally and they have not been doing it often blame is placed on those in the organization, and to be perfectly honest, the same scenario is mirrored in every 8-5 full-time job with a manager scenario as well. This is an often very large and somehow overlooked obstacle on the path to success. I think it is overlooked because it is not well understood and takes the removal of one’s ego to really address and understand.

The beauty of taking blame for where you are now, even if the situation is grim, is that you also get to take control of the situation and make the changes you want to make. Taking that ownership is empowering to a person, one who is willing to admit that they are the reason for their situation is the strongest person possible. They know what it means to put ego aside, to be truthful and honest with themselves, and then to take full control of their life, business, and success. That is when things begin to change and success really becomes attainable.

7. Blending in with the crowd. The crowd is large, especially the business crowd, full of people all wearing the same uniform and saying the same message, and it’s very boring. Once a person has ignored the message one time they are sure to ignore it again and again, no matter who shares the message. Anyone who does not learn to brand themselves, to learn who they are, what they do, and why they do it and look different from the rest of the people out there also working a business will not have the high level of success. It can be frightening to be different, sharing a new message, building a new product, creating a new system and launching it when everyone else is still using the old one is not easy, but it is those out of the box thinkers, workers, and doers who change the world and even though their paths aren’t the easiest to talk, they do meet their success!

8. Not Growing. Growth, constant and continual, is necessary for success. No one knows everything, or remembers everything, and you are no exception. When you feel you know it all you have failed. You must continue to grow and learn, to become more and better than you are now because success is not a destination, success is a journey and does not stop.  So, begin either first the first time or again to learn; read, watch, listen, and attend, soak up all the knowledge you can and then learn some more. More success will come as you learn and grow, you will have all of the success you are prepared to handle, and that preparation comes through learning and growing. If you want more, you must grow more.

9. Comparing Yourself. Inevitably there will be someone better than you, of higher rank than you, making more money than you, with more influence that you- that is simply life. Do not allow wishing for what someone else has or does to become your stumbling block. Rather than seeing yourself as less or having less simply because you are different turn your energy toward working in your purpose. If you do not know your purpose that is your first step- discover and uncover your purpose, then begin to spend more and more time working and creating your future according to that purpose. Always remember, your purpose is different from anyone else’s, should not look like anyone else’s purpose, and will make the work fly by!

10. Using your time poorly. Also known as wasting it. When working on a goal it is easy to become distracted by all the other things that demand our attention, especially if you work from home. Doing the laundry is not more important than customer service, cleaning the kitchen can wait when it is time to write that blog, sweeping the floor is not a priority during work hours. The best thing you can do is set work hours and during those work hours actually go to work! You do not have to work 8 hours a day on your business, that simply isn’t necessary, you can do as much actual work in a few dedicated hours than you can in allowing yourself a full 8 hours of “work” where you have many distractions to pull your attention away from your real purpose.

Success is a journey, there is no ultimate destination named “Success” it's a continued path, sometime fraught with obstacles, but knowing the obstacles faced most often, being prepared to overcome them, and to teach others how to do the same, will help you greatly! Success is absolutely within your reach and knowing the obstacles that you’re likely going to face can give you a big advantage on your path. Prepare yourself, learn, grow, overcome, and dig into your purpose and you will do great things!

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